Environmental design for LA Center a mixed-use development in the heart of downtown Los Angeles. The property consists of two residential towers, a shopping and entertainment pedestrian areas and a hotel. One side of the property faces the entertainment district and the other faces the residential zone. This project's challenge was it needed a signage system that could bridge to the districts and strict signage code requirements. The solution: bright + lively "digital" zone on the entertainment side, clean + simple "analog" zone on the residential side, and a central "binary" zone featuring vertical green spaces and public art installation of a binary clock made from floating orbs of light. Additional areas that counted toward a public art requirement include a "pixel" step-activated floor installation, larger than life LED screens installed along the entirety of the city block, and multiple "pixel" LED screens at key opportunities around the property.
environmental design, EGD, digital signage, wayfinding, public art, art installation, unique solutions, design challenges, analog, binary, digital, Los Angeles
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